About – Pedigree Prints


Here at Pedigree Prints we strive to provide artistic statement pieces with the finest quality for our customers, giving them an outlet and a way to display their passion for all things pedigree. Our aim is to create pieces customers are proud to display in their living spaces, to create a talking point within the room and to share a love and passion for dogs all around the world.


Pedigree Prints was founded in December of 2019 stemming from the idea of harnessing the power of the internet and the phenomenon that is e-commerce, with the freedom it provides in order to create something unique and identifying with unlimited reach to the world. After a light bulb moment was had and an opportunity was spotted we set to work with the designs, working on the basis of a passion for dogs, a quest for learning and a desire for creativity we decided we wanted to create an artistic stand out product showcasing canine heritage and form marketed to customers that shared our love of the animals, with quality at the forefront. Founded with a passion for betterment and a drive for success the concept for Pedigree Prints was born.
Founder - Oliver Voke 


From the outset we knew the direction we wanted to go, we had a concept, an image in our heads of what the final product should look like and the style it should follow. Once the design process started we quickly realised this wasn't going to be the straight forward process we envisioned! The final product was clear in our heads but how we would achieve the look was another story all together, after numerous revisions of both the animals themselves and the accompanying text we eventually landed on the design for our flagship heritage collection. Little did we know that was the easy part, being new to the world of e-commerce we still had much to learn. After months of research and a steep learning curve we eventually gathered a plan for our manufacturing and shipping, designed and built our website and set up everything we would need back end to get this business operational. It had been a long and testing road but we had made it to launch, from here on out we will continue to learn and grow as a business, expanding our designs and product lines, evolving on into the future.